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[ON-DEMAND] Content is King Again: the Future of Creative Work

How can you make sure your ads find and win the attention of our customers in such a huge space?

In this webinar on-demand, you will learn how to make your content not just visible, but memorable.

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[Webinar] Content is King Again: The Future of Creative Work

Watch it on-demand.

How can you make sure your ads find and win the attention of your customers in such a huge space?

In this webinar, you'll learn how to make your ad creatives not just visible, but memorable.


Webinar: Optimise Your Data Strategy and Produce Personalised Kick-Ass Campaigns

Watch it on-demand.

Raptor Services joined Zuuvi, back in November of 2022, for an inspiring morning webinar. Learn how to use your 1st party data to produce outstanding remarketing campaigns.


Webinar: How to Use Data in Your High-Impact Ads

Watch it on-demand.

We want to challenge the common opinion that creating high-quality digital ads is time-consuming and difficult. With new, cutting-edge technology, it’s now a walk-in-the-park to create thousands of attention-grabbing ads.

Template Product Feed

Product Feed Template for Dynamic Product Ads

Get a head start with this tried and tested template specially designed for Meta Business Manager requirements.

Display Ad Production Cover

Display Ad Production 101

Learn the ins and outs of banner ad production from our creative team, from basic definitions to best practices, and cut your ad production time from days to hours.


Designer Cheat Sheet

Get a step-by-step process to create best-in-class digital ads and get insights from our designers on how to make pixel-perfect digital ads through free and/or paid online tools.


DCO White Paper

Get insights on how to execute your DCO setup. Fill out the form and receive the white paper that will give you a step-by-step guide to setup DCO.


Cheat Sheet for Banner production

You will be sent a Cheat Sheet that will help you produce best-in-class banners for Google Ads, Adform, Google Marketing Platform, and social media.


Guide to Banner Production 2021

Here is a simple 4-page guide to produce best-in-class banners.

NB: The White paper is in Danish.

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