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What do you need to know before exporting your digital creatives?

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Zuuvi Platform 2.0 is live now!

We have launched Zuuvi Platform 2.0, which means significantly speeding up the creation-to-publishing process through improved export efficiency and more possibilities when versioning your ads.


Learn how to use data in your high-impact digital ads

Disrupting the standards of digital ad creation

Zuuvi x Adnami

We want to challenge the common opinion that creating high-quality digital ads is time-consuming and difficult. With new, cutting-edge technology, it’s now a walk-in-the-park to create thousands of attention-grabbing ads.

In this hands-on webinar, Adnami and Zuuvi will inspire and share best-practice on how to use dynamic display ads and high-impact technology to create top-performing ads.


Spend 45 minutes with us and hear more about:

- Production of  top-performing digital ads - the key to creating a long-term effect

- Dynamic ads - How do you create thousands of ads in minutes by using data?

- The reveal and insight into our own data based on hundreds of advertisers, thousands of display ads and millions/billions of impressions

- Concrete examples of best-performing digital ads for your inspiration

- Step-by-step guide - Get started creating your own high-quality digital ads tomorrow



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CEO & Co-Founder

Alexander Augustesen


Zuuvi is a danish tech platform build for digital marketing teams and designers, that enables them to produce best-in-class ads for display and social media.
Typically, it takes 5 hours to produce a standard package of 5 digital ads. We experience that our users save up to 70% time on this exact process. Zuuvi allows you to create best-in-class digital ads at scale. Some of the coolest advertisers such Toyota, 3 Mobile, Schibsted and SVT produce digital ads in Zuuvi - everyday.




CEO at Adnami

Simon Kvist Gaulshøj


Adnami's high impact advertising platform delivers astonishing ad experiences for consumers and accelerated returns for publishers and brands. Their templated and platform-agnostic approach to high impact advertising, provides a scalable and automated solution to run attention-grabbing and impactful advertising campaigns. The company launched in 2017, and work today with a diverse range of clients across Europe, such as Heineken, BMW, American Express, Disney and Samsung.

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