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We have launched Zuuvi Platform 2.0, which means significantly speeding up the creation-to-publishing process through improved export efficiency and more possibilities when versioning your ads.

Create: Animated Banner Ads that Capture Attention

Animated banner ads give you more creative freedom - and better chances of grabbing the attention of your target audience. Try out Zuuvi and create your first animated ad for display today.

What are Animated Banner Ads?

An animated banner ad is when the graphic engages in some sort of movement – an animation. Imagine headlines bouncing, buttons changing in size, or images rotating. Animated ads have become a cornerstone of digital marketing, offering a vibrant and dynamic way to engage with audiences across various online platforms. Animated banners are offered in either GIF, flash or HTML5 formats. This guide dives into the essentials of animated display ads, the benefits and effectiveness of animated banner ads, the utility of an animated ad maker, learning from animated ad examples, and how to create animated ads that captivate and convert.

Explore our extensive guide on animated ads for more in-depth information and tips regarding the perfect animated banner ad.


Benefits of Using Animated Display Ads: Capture Attention in Seconds

Animated display ads represent a leap forward from static imagery, offering a richer, more engaging user experience. By integrating motion and storytelling with animations, the advertisements will capture more attention than static ads and enhance message delivery, making them an invaluable tool for brands looking to boost engagement.

When crafting animated banners, these are the considerations you need to make to ensure effective and captivating ad creatives.

1. Mind the Color Use

Choose colors that grab attention but importantly,  remain harmonious with your brand palette. Colors are not just decoration; they create associations with your brand if used correctly and can significantly impact the effectiveness of your ads.

2. Use Eye-catching Motion

Incorporate motion that enhances the ad's message rather than distracting from it. This is one of the most important aspects of animated banner creation.  Smooth animations such as looping transitions are particularly effective as they provide movement without causing distraction. Go through this guide to learn how to make looping transitions in Zuuvi!

An example of these first two points is this ad, we created:


3. Use Animation to Tell a Story

Tell a short narrative that aligns with your brand message. This can help make your ad memorable and increase the likelihood of viewer engagement, which is a key goal with your ads.

4. Highlight Key Messages

Use animations to accentuate important parts of your ad, such as the call-to-action or special offers, ensuring they stand out to the viewer.

In this ad, Ekstra Bladet tells a story of their long history through cool animations, while highlighting the CTA-button with animations. Very cool!

5. Show, Don’t Tell

Instead of relying heavily on text, use visual storytelling to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service. This approach can be more engaging and easier for the audience to understand. Also, it decreases the amount of effort the customer spends on understanding your ad, as they won’t have to read as much information.

6. Make Animation Part of Your Brand

Developing a specific animation style that becomes synonymous with your brand enhances recognition and consistency, which will increase memory retention and make your brand stay top-of-mind of your customers.

Someone who's generally known for their use of animations and have super recongnizable brand colors in their ads is Telmore. See for yourself!


Go through our extensive guide on how to creative high converting animated banner ads for more valuable tips.


Create Animated Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learning how to create animated ads that resonate with your target audience can significantly enhance your digital marketing strategy. Animated ads offer a sleek way to elevate your digital marketing by combining creativity with strategic advertisement to captivate audiences. 

When creating animated ads you need to do the following: 

1. Get a creative idea: Self-explanatory, yes, but I guess this is the most essential step, really. Determine your visuals, message, and CTA.

2. Open up your chosen ad maker: Start producing your content in your preferred ad-creation platform.
Don't know which ad maker to use? Zuuvi is one of the most user-friendly platforms out there, requiring zero coding knowledge, and getting you started right away.

2. Utilise animations: Once you have the outlines for your creative laid out in your platform, use animations to support your message or CTA in your ad. Whether that's cool looping animations or dynamic text animations, it can attract your viewers' attention to your chosen elements.

3. Export your creative: Once you're satisfied with your creative, export it in the format and file-type you need!

4. Upload and track your campaign: Whether your campaign consists of one single ad or several ads made from a template, tracking their progress after uploading them, is essential. Any good ad maker has a manager from which you can track your campaigns. With Zuuvi, you can even edit them live, without having to re-export and re-upload!


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Animated Ad Maker: Simplify Animated Ads

An animated ad maker is a digital marketer's best friend, offering tools and templates to streamline the ad creation process. From beginners to seasoned professionals, these platforms provide a range of functionalities to bring animated ads to life without the need for advanced graphic design skills.

Zuuvi is one of the most user-friendly platforms out there. You need absolutely zero knowledge about coding, which makes it a lot more accessible.


Examples of Successful Animated Ads

Studying examples of different animated ads can spark inspiration and offer insights into what makes an animated ad successful. You can take a look at the above examples and how they use the different considerations and be inspired.

Another example worth mentioning is this one by Ekstra Bladet, that really utilises animations and their dynamic benefits: 


How to Create Animated Banner Ads for Display in Zuuvi


Create and build animated banner ads

Start your design journey by choosing one of our many standard templates or by creating your own.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop

Adding text, images/video, logo, and CTA buttons to your ad creatives has never been so easy and effortless - without a single line of code.

Add animations

Add animations to your animated ads

Scale, opacity, move, and resize are just some of the many opportunities you have when creating smooth-looking and lively animated ads.


Auto-generate your ad production

Still, working 3+ hours to create and publish a banner package? That time is over. Create an endless amount of ad creatives with just a few clicks.


Dynamic content - DCO & DPA

Add live and automatic data feeds directly into your ads with a few clicks to create thousands of ad variations.

You can read more about DCO here. Or DPA here


Publish and launch animated banner ads

Deliver your animated ads seamlessly directly to your preferred display network or social media.

Check out Display Advertising Platforms to learn more about display networks.



Get the freedom to change the messaging in your banners while they are live.


Preview your animated ads

Make rapid changes and preview your creative before publishing to your preferred media.

Bulk upload

One-click bulk upload

Publish or export your full campaign with just a
single click.


Go live - Fast!

Upload a full campaign with all necessary formats with just a few clicks.


Manage and analyse animated banner ads

Track the performance of your animated banners and campaigns in real time.

Learn more about ad-size performance on our CTR Barometer page.

Heat map


Track the clicks on your animated banners ads and use the insights to optimise your creatives to grow your CTR.

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics

Get a full overview of all your campaigns and their performance in a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Real-time data

Real-time data

Get real-time data on your campaigns' performance, gain valuable insights and add UTM-tracking to get statistics to other platforms.

No cookies collected

No cookies collected

When your digital ads are hosted through Zuuvi, your banners do not collect cookies to comply with GDPR.

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