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Everything you need to know about every Display Advertising Platform!

What do you need to know before exporting your digital creatives?

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Zuuvi Platform 2.0 is live now!

We have launched Zuuvi Platform 2.0, which means significantly speeding up the creation-to-publishing process through improved export efficiency and more possibilities when versioning your ads.


Performance data from display ads

First half year of 2022

1/1 2022 - 30/6 2022

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Video banners perform the best, new data shows

The average CTR is going steadily upwards from what you add to your html5 display banner. See the difference between static, animated, and video banners here:

Average CTR

- Static display ads: 0,026%

- animated display ads: 0,230%

- Display ads with video: 0,272%

Customer data_Graphs_Square.001
Customer data_Graphs_Square_top 10 formats

930x600 significantly better than the next best format.


Christopher Munk, who is a Data Activation Consultant at the agency Publicis Media, gives his explanation for the figures. He finds it particularly interesting that the 930x600 format performs better than the high impact format 2560x1080.
"As the largest of the standard formats, the 930x600 banner often has an average high viewability, as it makes the user stop and look at the banner. It is also not as exposed to "lazy load". Nor banner blindness, as the sticky formats 160x600 and 300x600 are", says Christopher Munk.

"I think it is the combination that makes the 930x600 banner have such a significantly higher click rate than the other formats", he says.


We want to create transparency in the market of display ads.

Everyone knows HTML5 banner ads on media websites, blogs, etc. - and truth be told, a lot also find them annoying. That's why we believe in Empowering Creativity. We want digital advertisers to take the next in their digital ad production. Because why should display ads be boring?

That's why we want to give you the hard facts on the display market.



This page is updated twice a year.

This data is based on more than 500 million impressions (so far).



Retail, e-commerce, finance/banking, and professional services within software, IT and consulting



- Primary countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, UK & USA
- Secondary regions: Rest of Europe.


Ad Networks

Adform, Google Marketing Platform, Delta Projects, AdTech, Xandr, BidTheatre. - Adform and Google Marketing Platform represent around 95 percent of the data, as is typical in the Nordics.