Webinar | Take your digital ads to the next level

We want to challenge the common opinion that creating high-quality digital ads is time-consuming and difficult. With new, cutting-edge technology, it’s now a walk in the part to create thousands of attention-grabbing ads.

When: Tuesday the 6th of September

Why Zuuvi

We believe in Empowering Creativity

Zuuvi is a danish tech platform build for digital marketing teams and designers, that enables them to produce best-in-class ads for display and social media.

Typically, it takes 5 hours to produce a standard banner package of 5 formats. We experience that our users save up to 70% time on this exact process. Zuuvi allows you to create best-in-class digital ads at scale.

What is Zuuvi?

"The companies that generates the most value from Zuuvi are those who have an internal marketing team and desire to rethink traditional processes."

Alexander Augustesen, CEO & Co-founder of Zuuvi

Creativity in Digital Marketing

We believe that creativity in digital marketing is important today and that it will only become more important in the future.


  • It is estimated that the average person is exposed to 5.000 to 10.000 ads - every day!
  • 12% of served display ads ever are viewed - make sure to grab the attention of your audience
  • 4% of digital ads are viewed at for more than one second.
  • The worldwide display advertising is expected to grow by 18,5% in 2021

The quality of your ads is of the highest importance. How long an ad is viewed – visual engagement time – has a direct link to conversions and improvements in brand metrics.

Make sure to stand out. Create best-in-class digital ads at scale.



Meet the Zuuvineers

Zuuvi is certified as a Happy Workplace!

We value the importance of great culture and sustaining a great culture requires a continuous effort. 

But now we can also measure it with Zoios. Every employee answers a line of questions on a monthly basis about our well-being. And the results?

We are proud to announce that Zuuvi received a golden grade from start!


"Zuuvi has made our banner production more flexible and agile. We often test new formats for media purchasing, where Zuuvi has been an important - and time-saving - tool in our marketing team."

Marcus Forsberg - Bedre Naetter