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Everything you need to know about every Display Advertising Platform!

What do you need to know before exporting your digital creatives?

You can read through all the opportunities for creative freedom and tech specs for each DSP here!


Zuuvi Platform 2.0 is live now!

We have launched Zuuvi Platform 2.0, which means significantly speeding up the creation-to-publishing process through improved export efficiency and more possibilities when versioning your ads.


A guide to effective advertising in the age of information overload


Welcome to the wild world of digital advertising! Today, consumers are bombarded with ads at every turn, leading to a phenomenon known as "ad blindness."

People subconsciously tune out the noise, making it harder for brands to capture attention. When creating messages that truly resonate, it is essential to understand the psychological impact of ads and having sharp customer insights is crucial.


Overcome Ad Blindness

With the endless stream of daily ads, grabbing and holding attention is no small feat. Our guide dives into smart strategies for display advertising, loaded with practical tips to help your ads break through the noise.


What You Get: 9 Considerations and Actionable Tips

Raptor Services, Zuuvi, and Adnami each excel in their respective areas of the digital ad landscape. Raptor Services specialises in data-driven insights, Zuuvi empowers creative ad production, and Adnami provides tools to create attention grabbing campaigns - yet our expertise seamlessly intertwines to create a cohesive digital advertising ecosystem.

That’s why we have come together to give you the best tips on how to get the better of your competitors when it comes to creating effective display ads.

Get ready to elevate your ad game! This whitepaper delivers actionable insights to help you navigate through the digital advertising jungle, ensuring your messages not only capture attention but keep it. Let’s make your ads unforgettable!

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Meet the Authors

Zuuvi is a Danish tech platform built for digital marketing teams and designers, that enables them to produce best-in-class ads for display and social media.

Typically, it takes 5 hours to produce a standard package of 5 digital ads. We experience that our users save up to 90% of time on this process. Zuuvi allows you to create best-in-class digital ads at scale. Some of the coolest advertisers such as Toyota, Kvik, Skanska, Schibsted and SVT produce digital ads in Zuuvi - every day.




Raptor Services is a market-leading Personalisation and Customer Data Platform provider. 

Our solutions enable brands to recognize users’ behaviour across channels, offer personalized recommendations, and activate data in all channels from our Customer Data Platform.

Here, brands can create individual profiles down to a 1:1 scale. This provides a complete insight into customers’ interactions and powerful opportunities to personalise every touchpoint of their customer journey.



Adnami's advertising platform delivers astonishing ad experiences and attention optimization and accelerates returns for publishers and brands. Their templated and platform-agnostic approach to advertising, provides a scalable and automated solution to run attention-grabbing and impactful advertising campaigns. 

The company launched in 2017, and works with a diverse range of clients across Europe, such as Heineken, BMW, American Express, Disney and Samsung.



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