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Ontdek de specificaties voor het exporteren naar je gewenste export kanaal

Wat moet je weten om je digitale banner te exporteren? Je leest alles over de technische mogelijkheden en specificaties voor DSP's en export kanalen hier!

Begin met het produceren van onbeperkt digitaal advertentiemateriaal.

Usage Based

Free access to the Zuuvi platform. You only pay for the impression you use. This package is perfect for agencies and partners.

A minimum of 1,5 million average monthly impressions is required.


What you get with Usage Based:

  Pay Per Impressions/CPM
  Zuuvi Manager
  Zuuvi Studio
  Unlimited ads
  Template library
  Helpdesk, live-chat and phone support

Exports & Publish Channels

  Google Marketing Platform
  Xandr (AppNexus)


For the digital designer and marketeer who have an ongoing production flow of digital ads.

Create and Export beautiful HTML5 banners.

395 / mo.

What you get with Walk:

  Zuuvi Manager
  Zuuvi Studio
  Unlimited ads
  Template library
  Helpdesk, live-chat and phone support

Exports & Publish Channels

  Google Ads


For the experienced digital marketing team who wants to take the next step with their production of digital ads.

895 / mo.

Everything in Walk, plus:

  Video Creatives
  Live-edit ads
  Standard hosting
  Tailored onboarding
  Dedicated Support Specialist

Exports & Publish Channels

  Google Marketing Platform


Automate and integrate deployment of banners in global campaigns across multiple brands and sub-accounts.

1795 / from price

Everything in Run, plus:

  Dynamic Rules for Display
  High-Impact Display Ads
  Data Feed Production
  Multiple accounts
  Multi-market workspace
  Recurring status meetings
  Design Insights & Feedback
  Roadmap Prioritisation

Exports & Publish Channels

  Dynamic display ads
  Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)


Social Media
Catalog Ads

What you get:

  • Produce social creatives based on data

  • Build creative automations

  • Schedule ads with automated rulesets



What you get:

  • Build 1000s of variations

  • Produce display ads based on feeds

  • Easy language versioning


Custom Feed
Service (DCO)

What you get:

  • Produce display ads based on data (DCO)

  • Integrate your data with a few clicks

  • Personalize your creatives

From €895/mo


Display Ads

What you get:

  • Produce responsive creatives

  • Top-scroll, mid-scroll, take-overs, etc.

  • Transform your creatives from standard formats to responsive



What you get: 

  • Your own interim design team from Zuuvi

  • Custom-designed templates

  • Produced on your Zuuvi account for easy versioning into infinite creatives


Host Video
Display Ads

What you get:

  • Use high-end video in your ads

  • Live-edit your ads

  • HTML5 and Video ads hosted on our secure ad server

€0,25 CPM

Add-On Features

Klaar om te starten met Zuuvi? Wil je het platform zien of meer horen over onze prijzen?

Boek een demo bij een Zuuvineer.


Frequently asked questions

Can I try Zuuvi for free?

Of cause, you can!
You can try out Zuuvi for free for 7 days and we would love for you to explore Zuuvi and our features! 🏆

Why wait? Start your trial right here🤩

Do I have to register a credit card to start free?

No, you don’t have to register your credit card to start a free trial. Go ahead! 🚀

Are there any trial limitations?

There are two limitations, otherwise, you will get the full experience of the Zuuvi platform:

  1. It’s not possible to export the ads, but you are able to see the DSP networks we offer export options. Missing anyone? Let us know 🤩

  2. There is no access to our Dynamic module where you find both DCO and DPA, but if you want to see how to connect your dynamic ads for social or display with a data feed then we would love to show you this feature.
    You can book a meeting with us here🥳

Why should I upgrade my subscription?

By upgrading your subscription you will get access to more features and more channels to get support through.

Upgrading to eg. a plan including our DCO module you will get access to produce 1000 of banners in the same creative template. Who wouldn’t want that? 😎

Can I invite team members to my Zuuvi account?

Absolutely, yes!
We actually encourage you to invite your teammate to make sure all of you experience the value of Zuuvi both as individuals and as a team.😎

Can I purchase a custom plan?

Yes, you can.

At the top of this page you can see our different plans and what's included in them.

You're also more than welcome to let us know your needs and we will create a custom plan covering your needs. For this, please book a meeting and get in touch with us! 
Book your meeting here 🤩

Can I get access to support when I'm on a free trial?

Yes, absolutely!

We want you to get the best experience both with the platform and Zuuvi, therefore, the support will be the same for users on a free trial as for customers. 

Our Customer Experience Team is ready to say hi🥳

Can I get a discount?

Yep! It depends on the size of the package you choose and the length of your subscription you commit to 😎

Get your best deal by reaching out to an Account Executive. Book a meeting right here!

Can I get a demo?

We never thought you'd ask! 😉

Simply book your demo here or reach out to us on the chat. 

The duration of a demo is normally between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your need. 😃

When my trial ends what happens to my creatives?

Don’t worry! They are all saved and can be accessed when signing up for a subscription. 🏆

Do you have any more questions?

Book a meeting with a Zuuvineer or contact us via the chat on the right