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Zuuvi Platform 2.0 is live now!

We have launched Zuuvi Platform 2.0, which means significantly speeding up the creation-to-publishing process through improved export efficiency and more possibilities when versioning your ads.

Video banners

Video banners are offered in either in- or outstream formats. Regardless of type of video banner the popularity and usage of them are growing rapidly within digital advertising. In Europe alone, there are more than three times as many video banners as other banners online.

Video ad banners are a sufficient way of creating creative content and engaging campaigns. Making use of videos in display ads offers a dynamic aspect and captures the user’s attention more than any static image would ever be able to. Video banners also enable the opportunity of experimenting with different narratives targeted to specific audiences.


The different types of video banners

Instream: Instream video banners are ads that are played before, during or after the streaming of the video content requested by a user. An example of this, could be the ad you see 5 seconds before your video begins. Instream ads typically cannot be stopped from playing unless a “skip” option is offered. An important difference between instream and outstream video banners is that the latter is not the primary focus of a website.

Outstream: Outstream video ads are usually played once the user is at least 50% through the original video content. Outstream ads are also paused automatically if the user scrolls past them. In most apps the sound is muted and only activated if the user clicks or hovers over the ad by default. Outstream video ads are not normally rendered in a prominent video player.